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 Testimonials from Customers

These are the actual words and comments from satisfied customers.  My goal is to have every customer experience outstanding service.  Thank you so much. 


Jackie - Virginia

I received my order yesterday, Friday, only 2 days after placing my order. I really appreciate your wonderful service. It is so good to find someone who cares enough about her business to put forth the effort necessary to keep her customers happy!

Anita - Hawaii

My belts arrived today!  They are wonderful!  Thanks so much.  #10 for overall experience – great help in planning my project, executing the designs and assisting with thread selections!  A definite gold medal to you and your staff.  My goal is to complete them by early November and ship them back for finishing.  I’ll definitely continue working with you.

Katherine  - Virginia Thank-you so very much for the excellent finishing of my grandchildren's Christmas ornaments! They are adorable! I love the cording you chose and the backing. And I do realize now it was more difficult as I did not needlepoint enough "extra" to make it easier for you. Sorry. Again, thank-you. Have a Happy Holiday season.
Gail - Illinois I just received my canvas. Words just are not adequate to express how delighted I am. The beauty of the artistry is beyond my greatest expectations; and now I feel my dream of creating a family heirloom will be able to be realized. I truly appreciate all your wonderful help. It will most likely take me quite a long time to complete this project, but I will continue to keep you posted. Thank you again for everything.
Jane - Antigua & Barbuda My canvas and threads arrived yesterday. Thank you so much and thank you for taking the time to include a "Thread List."

You should know that yours is the best and most thoroughly put together thread kit that I have ever received from an online needlepoint company - keep up the good work.
Mindy, Pennsylvania Johanne – the kit arrived and I am very satisfied, more than satisfied I should say…thank you also for the fast shipping…talk to you later..can’t wait to do future business with you…
Sue, North Carolina
The Trumpet and Toys stocking came, and once again you provided a really beautiful, quality handpainted canvas. I am so impressed with your site and the products you carry.  Thanks for being so helpful and reliable. I can't wait to order more.
Margaret, California In the City....I just received the kit you made up for that lovely canvas. It is much prettier in person than on the screen.  I did want to say that you chose pearl cotton for the face even though I had specifically said I never did faces in pearl , but boy! were you ever right. Any thing finer than pearl would have been a disaster. And the eyes absolutely deep blue not icy green. The fingernails will be perfect. Great job. What a pleasure to do business with someone who will take such care.
Sue, North Carolina
I just received the nutcracker stocking. I have been needlepointing for 15 years and have seen a lot of handpainted canvases. Yours is at the top for quality painting. I didn't know what to expect, but since you had a return policy I decided to order something. All I can say is that you have a fan for life. Thank you for your beautiful piece which I will so enjoy working!
Donna, California My Mother's birthday was November 8. I topped off a basket of needlework goodies with the canvases you sent. She was thrilled. They were perfect. Thank you so very much for the time and trouble you took with them. The seal, the little envelope for me, your patience with all of my emails ... I really appreciate your service and time. You made her day. Now, she wants to visit the website for herself...a first! 
Susan, Ontario I received the canvases on Wednesday night and I was thrilled  when I saw the kimono that I had ordered.  It will be an exciting project and an incredible finished art piece.  The others are all very satisfied with their canvases as well. and were pleased with the  discount that you gave all of us.  It was most pleasant placing an order with you and I look forward to future stitching projects starting with your canvases.  Once again - thank you!
Stacy, Kentucky
Hi Johanne!!!   The canvas arrived just a little while ago. Its BEAUTIFUL and I can't  wait to start on it!!!!  Thanks so much for the speedy and exceptional service, I really appreciate it.  Have a wonderful weekend!   
Harriet, Florida Dear Johanne, I received my flamingo canvas yesterday, it was all that I expected. You packaged it beautifully, and the pen was a nice touch! I have been doing needlepoint for over 30 years, and was very happy with your site. When I brought the canvas to my local shop today to get pearl threads, the owner loved it and asked me where I purchased it. Thanks again.
Lisa, Connecticut
Johanne made my whole experience a pleasure- I am getting back into needlepoint & am very rusty (I think I did a little as a child, I remember the hoop & not much more)- she took the time to explain everything from the technique to the yarn selection. The quality is A+++ & the colors she chose are brilliant. This will keep me busy as we fly to Hawaii on our Honeymoon for 10 hours each way!  Thanks Johanne, I'll bookmark your site & be back whenever I get this done!
Mary, Florida

I think I’m signing on as your biggest fan!! The Mouse with Books arrived and is just adorable.  Like you said in your note I do need to “start stitching”.  The Funky Flamingo is off to be framed and the woman behind the counter asked me where I had found it.  She had never heard of your website, but jotted the address down. She was very impressed with the fact the canvas was “so different”, as she orders most of her needlepoint from a catalog.  I know the Arabian Horses will be on their way when possible, but do include a couple of your business cards so that I may pass them along to some friends. May I say again, your quality, your service and the uniqueness of your canvases make you a standout. Please don’t ever retire!! 

Ro, Louisiana
I cannot say enough about the impeccable service and quality of product at NeedlepointShop.com.  Johanne has become my primary source for a needlepoint of all types; she is knowledgeable and has been so helpful to me. Keep up the stellar work, Johanne.
Leni, Florida I received the beautiful stocking with yarn and can hardly wait to begin!!!!  Many thanks to you.  You have a class act!  If I have another grandchild, I will definitely order another Christmas stocking from you.
Marcia, Massachusetts Thank you so much, I really appreciate it and that I will be a preferred customer of yours.  I have compared other web sites, similar to yours and yours is the best and the service is fantastic!
Nicole, California I wanted to thank you so very much for your help and to let you know I received my American flag needlepoint today!!! I have already started on it, and I LOVE the thread that you have sent me. It is much easier to work with and since I am a beginner, I need all the advice I can get. I have been to a few needlepoint stores here in Los Angeles and since I am 28 years old they are not taking me seriously and are not helpful. Thanks to you I will forever be a customer to your company. Now, I have a question for you when doing the stars and the navy blue back ground which should I do first Stars or the blue? I am teaching myself and if you have any tips or ideas I would really love to here them. Again thanks so much and I can't wait to order from you again....
Trish, Maryland The belt looks beautiful and your color selections are fabulous!  Thank you so much.  I will let you know how it turns out but that might take a few years at this point.  Winston, the new kitten in the house,  is making needlepointing at home difficult so I am going to have to start traveling more.  Oh well if it ever gets warm out, I can start taking it to the pool to work on.
Kyle, Virginia I received my canvas yesterday and I am very pleased.  The border is exactly as I wanted it and it will fit on the cushion the way I wanted.  Thank you so much.  I am amazed...all this by email!...........This was a very positive experience, I will be ordering another equestrian canvas when I finish this one....but that might not be for a while.  Only 7 more to do!
Mary, Florida

The Funky Flamingo canvas and thread arrived yesterday. What a treat!  The flamingo is even more “funky” - in person.  I can’t wait to start.  I found your canvas to be of the highest quality, your colors matched the canvas to perfection. I will definitely order from your service again. Thank you for all your help.

Julia, Mississippi Sorry did not respond earlier, lots going on in life, just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for working with me. The wreath is to die for! Still working on "Egg Bellpull" which is lots of fun, but can't wait to start wreath (not sure I can!) As before your service and delivery was perfect, thank you so much for providing us with such an unlimited source for needlepoint!  Thank you again, am about to shop now for mother for "Mother's Day Gift" will let you know if I find anything.
Betsy, New Jersey Wow !  You sure are fast.  Thanks so much for getting the baby  booties to me so quickly.  The turnaround time from my mailing you the check to my receiving the kitted canvas was less than a week.  Impressive.  Thanks again!
Janet, North Carolina WOW! The Ladybug design is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you very much  for all your help with this order. I really appreciate. I look  forward to doing business with you again soon. Thank you. 
Polly, Rhode Island By the way, the belt you finished for Dad last year was a huge hit with him--he calls me periodically to tell me he's getting an all day hug from his kids whenever he wears it. And, according to Mom, he wears it almost every day!
Judy, Illinois Thank you very much, especially the quick response and quick shipment!  I've got my eye on some of the other items on your web site, so you will be hearing from me again, but not for a while - I've got to get the Birds done first!
Donna, Tennessee
I just wanted to let you know I received my order a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to thank you for all the special touches. The thank you note, the threader, needle, taping the edges and the pretty sticker. You did a wonderful job in matching the colors for me and appreciated you "kitting it" for me. I was excited to receive my package, and then when I opened it was a nice surprise to see all the special little touches. A very nice touch. I'm excited to get started on it. Today I will finish up the project I have been working on and Vogue Lady #1 will be my next project. Just wanted to say thank you and let you know I received it.  
Jill, NY I received the belt today! It’s absolutely beautiful and what a wonderful job was done with the finishing!  The recipient of the belt was just as delighted (if not more) with the belt! He immediately put it on and went to "show it off" to all his buddies!  Thank you SO much for all your help and patiently "walking" me through the whole process.  You will hear from me soon, as I’m ready to try something new!  Many, many thanks!!
Evan, NY Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your friendly customer service, and I must say, out of the many websites that offer needlepoint, yours provides the nicest canvases!
Linda, IN Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my order for the provincial patchwork doorstop ... and thank you for ‘kitting’ it for me. I am very impressed with the quality of your product and look forward to working with it. I am returning to needlepoint after some thirty-plus years ... retirement has given me leisure time I didn’t have while raising four children!
Jenny, California I received my yarn today... I am thrilled with your color selection.. I can tell that you took time and care with each selection.  Yes, a Paterayan color chart is an excellent idea.. That was thoughtful idea a needle threader!  That sure makes my threading a needle go that much faster and easier too.  I thank you for helping me with my project....Not to many people would take the time with me that you did.  I'll let you know how my needlepoint is going and from time to time  I may need some more yarn.  So, I'll be checking in with you if that is alright, Johanne.  You have been a wonderful friend for me and a godsend. I hope all the best for you and your loved ones..
Holly, New York I just wanted to let you know that I received this canvas today and in person it is even nicer than on the internet I absolutely love it!!!  I also wanted to say thank you for sending along the needle and the needle threader, I have placed many orders from the internet for several canvas and other material and never have I had such a pleasant experience with any of them.  I sincerely appreciate your time in letting me know that the canvas had shipped, and the truly professional manner in which you handled my order.  From now on you will be my first choice in internet ordering.  
Pauline, Florida I just wanted you to know that you have the most wonderful site....i feel as if I've been through the most wonderful store....I'm going to decide what I'm going to work on,...and will be sending along an order....you have just delighted me!
Nancy, Pennsylvania I live in Pittsburgh, and am finding it very hard to find any needlepoint shops.  When I go out of town, part of my itinerary includes seeking out needlepoint stores.  Happily, I won't have do that on my vacations anymore.  Anything I could possibly want I've found on your website.  I had trouble deciding what to order!  I was delighted to find that you have some of the hand painted frogs still available.  I've made several, and still have
requests from family and friends who would like me to make one for them.  One of these days I'm going to needlepoint something to keep for myself!  I I'm going to be a very good customer.               
Cheryl, Missouri The scroll frame sounds perfect, and no hurry on Mr. Handsome Harry - he's mine to make and keep!  The USA Eagle is a testament to your artist's skill & expertise, and your acumen in choosing this artist to represent in your store!  I had searched EVERYWHERE for the perfect canvas and finally found your site!  I will be a loyal and faithful customer for many, many years!!  
Paulette, Maryland Your web site just gets better and better. The Oriental Kimono section is my favorite and I’m just about ready to take a second mortgage out on the house for more of your wonderful canvases. Yours is the best site for the needlepoint that I and my husband love to do. Keep up the good work.
Mitzi, Texas Terrific, Johanne, thanks again! I will be sure to pass your site on to all of my needle pointing friends! We get together monthly and I am anxious to show them the canvas and share my excellent experience with you. Thanks again!
Barb, London England I have ordered several canvasses from this site, and have been more than pleased with all of them.  The website is clear and easy to use and your service is first class.  Added to that its nice to have emails from a "real person".  Thank you,  Johanne,  for providing a personal service with a smile.
Julia, Mississippi I got it! It is so beautiful, I’m going next week to shop for the threads, your advice was wonderful. Thank you again for the wonderful service, I hardly ever order anything over the computer, but you made it such a pleasure, and the presentation is a very nice touch, it was like receiving a little gift.
WL, California I want to applaud you for your OUTSTANDING SERVICE! I was so impressed with my order, from your helping me plan out the project, answering all my questions, the fact that it got here within TWO DAYS of your mailing it, to the fact that it was beautifully packaged with personalized instructions. You truly are top quality!  Thanks for your personalized instructions and for such wonderful attention to detail.
Pat, Kentucky Thanks for the notice—it has been a pleasure doing business with you—I am looking forward to starting the project. I expect to order the next cover as soon as I finish this one.
Stella, New York The Noah's ark arrived, just in time for my sister's arrival from Colorado for Easter.  She ordered it to do for her granddaughter, born in September, 2000.  Thanks, Johanne.  Your service is really the best.  
Wendy, California Thank you for your prompt and friendly response! I feel like I have met you, as your email was very down to earth, and I sure do appreciate the personalized nature of it......I did so enjoy your message and I will bookmark your site to visit continually. 
Aly, New Hampshire Thanks. Your company has brought me hours, weeks, and months of pure pleasure.  Needle pointing has always been a special passion of mine. So I spent an afternoon researching the internet looking for a company who offered the best variety of kits and I came upon Needlepoint Shop.com. It was immediately evident that this site had everything I was looking for. Three orders later, I find myself extremely satisfied with their customer service and their products. Needlepoint Shop.com is a very professional (and personal!) organization".
Tara, Michigan My local needle point shop closed so I have been desperate to find a source.  I'm glad that I stumbled upon your web site. Thanks so much!
Leslie, Georgia I came across your site today while thinking about what my next project should be ... and I just had to write and commend you on a site that was easy to navigate with pictures that downloaded FAST !!


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