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I'm a small company, and sole proprietor.  JohanneThis is me!

After Thanksgiving dinner in 1992, I mentioned to my family that after my husband and I moved to the “county,” the trip to my local needlepoint shop was now more than an hour drive.  Being an avid stitcher, I didn’t know what to do.  My Dad suggested looking on the internet. 

Do you remember the internet in 1992?  There wasn’t much out there. 

So when I reported back at our family Christmas Dinner, Dad (in his infinite wisdom) suggested I start a site; and so I did. I picked the name WWW. NeedlepointShop.com.  I had to learn how to develop a website, because I couldn’t afford to pay someone to develop it for me.

Once I established relationships with artists and other suppliers, I posted images to my website --- and 6 months later I made my first sale.  It’s incredible how much I have learned over the years; but one constant for me has always been customer satisfaction. 

I try to treat each customer as I would want to be treated…….Here are some of my guiding principles….        

1.  Your complete satisfaction with the products that I carry    

2.  Reasonable pricing on needlepoint canvases as well as finishing services        

3.  If I create your kit and you run short of threads, I will supply additional threads at no cost. 

My goals for the future are simple; I want to be reliable, honest and respectful of my customers. 

I stock Patternayan Persian Wool and DMC Pearl Cotton Threads.


e-Mail:  Johanne@Needlepointshop.com

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