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Needlepoint Belt Belt Finishing and Stitching Hints


Belt Stitching Hints

1. Determine belt size (true waist): Measure old belt of person from inside edge of belt buckle to hole where belt is fastened.

2. Determine overall needlepoint length: subtract 4" from belt size.

3. Determine maximum design length: subtract 10" from waist size.

4. Center design (length of designs can be less than max. design length found in step 3.)

5. For any width belt, add 2 extra rows of background needlepoint along each edge. (These rows will be folded under when belt is mounted.)

6. Leave extra scrim (blank canvas) around all edges of needlepoint.

7. If you would like Solid Brass Finishing --- #2 above is 6".  

8. If you are creating your own design, the width of the belt (before you allow for #5 above) should be 1 1/8" to 1 1/4" wide.  

Recommendation: Using a frame makes belt stitching so comfortable and mobile. They are small so you can work on them in a car or plane. Belt Scroll Frame: ID#: 2669 Scroll Frame - 6" Belt.

Belt Finishing Options: (See Belt Finishing Form) Gold or silver tone buckle; solid brass finishing; Leather choices: Black, Brown or Tan.

Belt Finishing Costs: To give you an estimate, finishing is about $85/belt and takes about 3-4 weeks.

Where to Mail Your Belt:  You can mail your finished belt to me. Complete the information on the Belt Finishing Form and mail it with your belt. Here's my address:


1037 W. Lake Valley Court

Hernando, FL 34442